Whitepaper - Diamond buying secretsDiscover how You can get top quality designer Diamond Jewelry-Bigger, Better and FOR LESS.

Diamond Buyers Secrets is a 4 Volume set of whitepapers that discloses an entirely new way for you to get great prices on Trustworthy Diamond Purchases and also exposes the behind the scenes secrets of the whole Diamond Industry.

This first Volume – “Your Insider’s Secrets” and other Volumes to follow, tells you how I invented an entirely new way to buy Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry that saves you Big Time PLUS provides YOU Personal Service. I started a Family Business just to provide this new buying process to you. You will find out how I created this new process after I became an Insider in this closely guarded and family oriented industry. It also takes you behind the scenes to disclose:

  • The mark ups for both traditional brick and mortar jewelry stores and the Internet retailers.
  • How Forever Diamond Service turned the industry upside down by inventing a whole new way to sell Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry.
  • How you can benefit from this new process to get the lowest price possible yet still receive unmatched Personal Service.

Future volumes disclose even more invaluable information to help you be an expert at buying Diamonds at unheard of prices and avoid the various scams and tricks of the trade.

Thomas Noon, President
Forever Diamond Service

You’re SECONDS AWAY from information that can save you thousands of dollars on one of the most important purchases you will ever make!

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  1. Your Insider’s Secrets
  2. How To Buy a Diamond
  3. Common Scams & Shady Tactics
  4. History of Diamonds