We Buy Diamonds and Gold

Forever Diamond Service Also Buys Diamonds and Gold!

Whether it’s a trade in, or you just want to sell your gold and diamonds, we are there to help. Don’t just drop your valuables in the mail, deal face to face with a personal jeweler you can trust!

How our transparent process works!
  1. Just contact us, and we will make an appointment for you to meet with one of our personal jewelers.
  2. The personal Jeweler will weigh and document the jewelry you want to sell
  3. The personal jeweler will take the jewelry for a more detailed appraisal giving you a detailed receipt for your jewelry.
  4. Within a day or two we make you an offer for your jewelry. If you like the offer we give you a check. If you don’t, you get your jewelry back.

It’s that simple! And please shop around! We love it when people have received other offers. We know we offer more than most, so this just gives us an opportunity to shine.
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