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Loren & AlanLoren & Alan, Rings

Retail: $27,000
Cost: $12,000
Savings: $15,000

“I was breathless when I saw how beautiful my ring was.”

I previously worked with Tom Noon and knew how trustworthy he is. I saw him buy diamonds as an industry insider so when my boyfriend asked me to marry him, one of my first calls was to Tom.

He guided us through the whole process and made it pain free. We got a diamond beyond my wildest imagination and my fiancée was thrilled even more when he say how much we were saving. So much in fact that when we went to a local jewelry store to have the stone independently appraised. they said it would cost at least twice what we were paying!

That was only the start. I had my heart set on a ring with diamonds around the whole band. We got custom treatment to get my diamond set in such a band (and for less than half its retail price) They also provided free laser inscription of the GIA grading report number.) In fact the price was so good we immediately ordered the wedding band also! Our total savings topped $15,000!

We received copies of the invoices Tom paid and a GIA grading report for the center diamond.
All this, plus I can’t begin to express how my heart stopped when I first saw the rings. They were brilliant and beautiful. I couldn’t breathe for a second. A diamond is forever and these rings will stay in my family for generations. I will be forever grateful to Forever Diamond Service every time I look at my rings.

Thank you Tom!”

ChrisChris, I’m On A Tight Budget

Retail: $ 7,000
Cost: $ 3,500
Savings: $ 3,500

I’m a private school teacher who was ready to pop the big question when I learned that Tom Noon could help me save money on our engagement ring…

I grew up with Tom’s son, Josh, so was confident I could trust what he told me and that he could save me money. Little did I realize just how much I could save, or put another way, “How much Bigger and Better a diamond I could afford on my tight budget”.

I had done some jewelry store shopping and knew about what to expect, but was amazed at how much more I could afford with the buying process Tom designed. I got a much bigger center stone than I imagined and we were able to select a perfect setting. All painless and really easy.
Plus, SHE said YES and was thrilled with her new engagement ring. This was a WOW effect on her and on me!

DennisDennis, My Anniversay Was Supercharged

Retail: $ 30,000
Cost: $ 13,000
Savings: $ 17,000

Not only did I save a lot of money on my designer Diamond ring, my wife loved the anniversary present and I got a lot of positive points that will be repeated every time she look at her ring or shows it to a friend….

Not only did I save a lot of money on my designer Diamond ring, my wife loved the anniversary present and I got a lot of positive points that will be repeated every time she looks at her ring or shows it to a friend.

Forever Diamond Service is like having your own personal concierge for buying designer diamonds.

My main goal was to give my lovely wife a better anniversary present than she could ever imagine. With Tom’s and FDS help, I achieved that. The process was actually fun, as opposed to the hassle and stress of working with a brick and mortar jewelry store. I was able to get an amazing value in a certified diamond that stunned my wife when she first saw it. It was in an impeccable setting and I got all the paperwork to show the certification, and insurance valuation, a laser inscription on the girdle of the diamond, and the actual original invoices from the diamond manufacturer and setting company. Everything was out in the open.

And I was able to afford a much, much bigger and better diamond than I thought possible.
As a businessman, I can appreciate a new way of doing business and I think Forever Diamond Service is going to turn the diamond industry upside down!

Cookie, The Anniversary Diamond Ring Floored Me

CookieRetail: $ 30,000
Cost: $ 13,000
Savings: $ 17,000

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the size of the diamond in my anniversary present.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw the size of my new diamond ring.

I love my husband Dennis regardless of presents he gives me. He is such a caring and giving person, but WOW, this one went way over the top! To tell the truth, the diamond was so BIG and so NICE looking that I was embarrassed to have it on my hand at first. Just to let you know, however, that didn’t last long

The ooos and ahhhs from my friends and the looks of admiration and comments from complete strangers really warmed my heart and continues to do so over and over again. Boy, is Dennis really stacking up points in my book!