Our Mission

It is our mission to make the world a better place by changing the way people buy diamonds!

We make the world a better place in several ways.
  1. We are on a mission to change the way people buy diamonds! Right now the typical jewelry store process is pretty scary and filled with pressure. This is an important purchase made for a happy occasion – so we just removed the pressure and fear!
    1. They will try to pressure and upsell you beyond your budget. We are in your corner trying to get you the biggest Wow for YOUR budget.
    2. Diamond shopping can be time consuming going from place to place looking. With us you make the decisions and we go to work for you saving you time and headaches.
    3. They try to sell you their inventory. We give you a virtually unlimited selection! So You GET Custom Diamond Jewelry.
    4. They charge you for their expensive overhead. We believe you should buy the diamond not the store. Our unique system allows us to give you unparalleled personalized service, provide you with fine custom jewelry, and you pay only a fraction of the cost.
    5. Internet diamond vendors have low costs but don’t help you navigate a potentially confusing purchase. Our Personal Jeweler is a certified, trained professional who is there to educate, council and work to get you the most for your money!
  2. Our executive team is made up of world travelers and have a heart to advance the cause of economic development in diamond producing countries. We believe that those diamonds were put there in their soil for a purpose, so we give 3% of our Sales (not net profit) to the cause of community and economic development in diamond producing countries like Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Like us on Facebook to follow our development work!
  3. Another way that Forever Diamond Service is making the world a better place is by creating exciting careers, and giving people opportunities to follow their dreams. Our Personal Jewelers are committed small business owners who are able to do just that.